Although Tyria on the barbaric race has a sense of honor and ethics

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Although Tyria on the barbaric race has a sense of honor and ethics, but in their society, the angle Dayton Giants inherently is nothing moral character limit. They protect and guard their families, their family, and their territory, and unscrupulous! A corner Dayton Giants may swear, but they will lie against their own promises, or make the universal condemnation of the behavior, as long as he thinks such as for their own power, or enhance his family (or can destroy another angle Dayton Giants family). Any previous attempt to organizations that want to reach a peace with the angle Dayton Giants have had quite a painful lesson, only angle Dayton Giants have been able to make a profit, angle Dayton giants will maintain the previous agreements. Usually is this: When the the an angle Dayton Giants family limited agreements, just to take advantage of the opponent's time to slowly accumulate their own strength, and soon plans to eliminate those stupid enough to believe their opponents.

"I want to worship who? Ha! That I own!"

- Utahein, angle Dayton patriarch

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Angle Dayton Giants, the most similar to the things of faith, their lineage, they believe their own blood magic, is a powerful and sacred. The each corner Dayton Giants family will honor their ancestors, and their families can be traced back to a powerful giant, the kings or legend. Many legends about giant kings of religious mythology., And each family will be calling their legendary bloodline to authorize them witness that they have passed the test, and to ensure that they win. Although we can not say the angle Dayton giant is really people worship their ancestors, but they will indeed conquer, and disseminate personal glory, trying to go beyond the ancestor.